Simply Online obo Southey Attorneys, Pietermaritzburg: The property market has changed. Shouldn’t your property business? | Simply Online


Simply Online obo Southey Attorneys, Pietermaritzburg: The property market has changed. Shouldn’t your property business?


In 2020, COVID-19 related lockdowns affected all areas of South African business, property included. Not only did the Deed Office close numerous times, property professionals such as estate agents and conveyancers found themselves unable to work face-to-face in typical industry fashion. Increased unemployment in some sectors and economic uncertainty also led to stalled property transactions.

However, despite these concerns, a full-scale property crash didn’t occur. Rather, the property market has experienced increased growth and adaptability over the last few months. Reasons include historically low interest rates, attractive prices, low transfer duties, younger first-time buyers and an increase in South Africans wanting to invest in or upscale their own properties.

As for legal professionals? They’ve been shifting gear accordingly. From researching property information online to processing rates clearance certificates electronically, more property-related business is being done remotely than ever before. The result? Multiple online interactions – including video meetings, electronic document sharing, digital collaboration, real-time tracking and automated reporting – to ensure that today’s property work is as smooth, safe, and simple as it should be.


And that’s where LexisNexis comes in. As a market leader in the technology space, the expert teams at LexisNexis are perfectly positioned to offer innovative solutions for managing the whole conveyancing process for all stakeholders in this online space. From law firms to banks, municipalities and estate agents, these solutions are designed to facilitate communication and streamline processes for shorter turn-around times and more accurate and efficient results.

When it comes to innovative property tools, LexisNexis Business Software Solutions include:

  • Lexis Convey: complete electronic workflow system covering the full conveyancing process.
  • Lexis RatesClearance: streamlined online solution for processing rates clearance certificates.
  • Lexis Tracker: automated matter progress reporting tool to keep stakeholders informed.
  • Lexis WinDeed: leading online search tool for individual, company and property information.

If you’re serious about growing your property business in a way that responds to the current climate while looking to the future, you need the right tools for the job.

Click here to find out about secure, simple online property platforms from LexisNexis.

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