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The increased complexity of the global and local commercial environment makes it imperative to approach any commercial transaction taking into account all applicable legal issues. In the current South African context, any commercial undertaking requires an analytical understanding of Corporate Law. 

The most important goal in commercial work is to provide our clients with up-to-date and effective advice, strategies and solutions. Our Commercial Law department specialises in the following areas:

Corporate Law

Mergers, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Intellectual Property

Sale of commercial buildings as a going concern including the transfer thereof

Sale of shares and loan accounts in corporations

Drafting of Memorandum of Incorporation of companies

Due diligence investigations

Franchise agreement

Sponsorship agreements

Buy and sell agreements


We offer comprehensive legal advice on all aspects pertaining to Property Law. Our services include the liaison with government bodies as well as ensuring that town planning requirements are adhered to. Our Property Law experts advise upon servitudal rights or obligations which enhance or burden a property owner’s proprietary rights.

Our firm takes cognisance of the relevant legislative changes, thereby we are able to advise clients on property financing and gearing, and taking corporate social responsibility factors into account. Our firm is dedicated to providing personalised service to our clients, whether you are the buyer or the seller. Schnetler’s Property Law services include:


Negotiation, preparation and drafting of Offers to Purchase and Sale Agreements

Registration and cancellation of all types of bonds

Planning and development law

Building and construction law

Servitudes and other real and personal rights

Leases and other property utilisation contracts

Sectional title schemes

Acquisitions of property-owning companies and close corporations



It is imperative that a person’s estate devolves efficiently and cost-effectively, without any unnecessary delays. Therefore, it is of vital importance that every person has a validly executed Will drafted by an aptly qualified professional. This division at Schnetler’s offers a comprehensive range of services in relation to:

Preparation, advice and execution of Wills

Drafting of Wills

Interpretation of Wills

Challenging/opposing validity of Wills

Administration of Deceased Estates

Compilation of claims against Deceased Estates


Litigation is the process of taking a case through the court procedure. The litigation process is most commonly used in civil law suits. It is vital that litigation be conducted on the basis of thorough legal research, insightful evaluation of available evidence, as well as transparent communication between our attorneys and clients. These are the standards we set in regard to all litigation matters we undertake. Our areas of specialisation include:

High Court and Magistrates’ Court disputes

Debt Collections

Matrimonial and Family Law matters

Rescission of Judgments



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