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How To Photograph Your Home Like A Pro


A picture paints a thousand words. When you’re creating your listing, you’ll be asked to upload a series of photographs to showcase your home to prospective buyers.

Make sure your home stands out from the crowd by applying these top tips.

Use a tripod

A blurry photograph doesn’t create a great first impression. Putting your camera on a tripod enables you to achieve a steady shot and to be more deliberate in creating your overall composition. Once you have your camera positioned effectively, move around pieces of furniture to create the ideal composition.

Take low shots

When composing your shot, it’s really important to consider how high your camera is off the ground. If it sits lower than eye level (around 40 inches off the floor), your photographs will look more like those you see in magazines.

Shoot straight on

Set your camera straight and don’t tilt it up or down. If you tilt the camera, the vertical lines in the photograph become distorted, which impacts the professionalism of the final image. You want the camera sensor to be parallel to your subject.

Avoid wide-angle lenses

It might seem like a logical idea to use a wide-angle lens so you can fit an entire room into the frame, however, the distortion created by a wide-angle lens can look unnatural. Instead, you should use a normal lens and step away from your subject as much as possible. You might end up getting less in the shot, but you’ll avoid the distortion.

Don’t use the flash

Newer mobile phones and basic point-and-shoot cameras can now handle low-light situations. You will never be able to light a room well with a flash, so it’s best to use natural light to your advantage. If your camera is positioned on a steady tripod, you can create long-exposure shots without worrying about the blur.

Still feel more comfortable using a professional? Purchase a professional photography package, including an HD video, from Simply Online. There is an additional charge for this service.