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How Simply Online Differs from a Traditional Agency


Simply Online is the first fully automated platform in South Africa enabling you to sell your home directly to a verified buyer. It offers an alternative to using a traditional real estate agency.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key differences between our platform and an estate agency.

1. No agents involved at any stage

When you start thinking about selling or buying a home, often the first port of call is to make contact with a local estate agent to assist you in the process. With Simply Online, we have taken agents out of the equation and empower you to take complete control from start to finish. There are no agents involved at any stage. In fact, you become your own agent, which means you don’t have to pay high commission rates based on the final selling price. Along the way, you can access the necessary support via our digital assistant and key partners, such as Ooba Home Loans and our network of Conveyancers.

2. No high commission rates

If you use a traditional estate agency, you are liable to pay a commission rate related to the selling price of your home. This rate can be around 7.5% of the final price. We only charge a fixed rate of R9,500 excluding VAT, which is payable once your home sells. This means that if it doesn’t sell, you don’t owe a cent.

3. You have the freedom to set the selling price of your home

Normally, the listing price of your home is determined by an agent, who will take a number of different factors into account.

Once you have registered as a seller on our platform, you will receive an instant property evaluation. This will help you to determine the selling price you wish to achieve for your home.

4. You control the viewings

Arranging viewings can sometimes be complicated with traditional agencies. Normally, the agent acts as a ‘middleman’, trying to coordinate a suitable time between yourself and the prospective buyer.

We’ve simplified this process on our platform, as you can arrange viewing times directly with interested parties via an interactive dashboard. To help keep you safe, we verify the identity of all our buyers during the sign-up process.

5. No sole mandate

Many traditional agencies try to secure a sole mandate, which gives them the exclusive rights to market and sell your home.

When you list your home with Simply Online, you are not bound by a sole mandate. In fact, we give you access to 94% of prospective buyers within 60 minutes of completing your listing. You can even monitor the number of views that your listing is receiving via the dashboard.