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This is One of Many Ways We Market Our Conveyancing Partners

In order to create the ultimate customer experience Simply Online has introduced its very own customer relations management program. CREAM is Simply Onlineā€™s very own real estate Customer Relations Estate Agency Management program that helps ensure this experience for our clients.

At Simply Online we strive for Innovation. We believe that understanding the Online Revolution through advances in Technology will most definitely impact how people engage less and less in the future.

C.R.E.A.M will educate sellers and buyers through their entire buying or selling journey with Simply Online. There are a multitude of topics related to Selling and Buying in the journey. These are to not only educate the seller on the selling process but also to market the Conveyancing Partners firm as an entirety. The first seven of the thirty topics are sent as follows:

Day 1 - About Us ( Introduction to Chosen Firm )

Day 2 - Ooba Home Loan Info 

Day 6 - The Role of a Conveyancer

Day 10 - How to Prepare your Home for a Viewing pt1

Day 14 - How to Prepare your Home for a Viewing pt2

Day 18 - How to Prepare your Home for a Viewing pt3

Day 20 - Rate Us

These Educational's will be sent via an Email - SMS - WhatsApp.

*The Simply Team*